In each class we add techniques to your current set of moves.

Classes start with warm ups, stretches, drills, stance work, and continuing progress in Tai Chi, Chi Gung, Northern Shaolin Kung Fu, Hsing Yi, or weapon practice within the various forms.

I teach Yang style Tai Chi, beginning with the Dragon Tiger Mountain set and progressing through sword, broadsword and partner sets. Below you will find a list of all of the sets which I am qualified to teach.

Kung Fu sets begin with four basic warm-up sets: Siu Wan Chuan, Lien Bo Chuan, Tam Tuei and Bung Bo, followed by the ten classic sets. Training in staff, spear and sword are available to advanced students.

I teach Tai Chi classes at The Spa At Silverado as well as private lessons for young people and adults.

If you would like to set up private lessons or come to the park to work out and learn some Kung Fu, let me know:

Sifu Mark Somerville
(707) 226-3909

  • External Forms
    • Warm Up Sets
      • Siu Wan Chuan
      • Lien Bo Chuan
      • Tam Tuei
      • Bung Bo

    • The Ten (Advanced) Northern Shaolin Sets
      • Earth Dragon Staff
      • Lifting Block Spear
      • Dragon Phoenix Sword
      • Plum Blossom Double Dragon Sword (Double Sword Form)
      • Ba Gua Saber*
      • Plum Blossom Rolls On The Ground (Double Saber* Set)
      • Partner Kung Fu Sword

  • Internal forms:
    • Tai Chi
      • Dragon Tiger Mountain Yang Style Tai Chi
      • Tai Chi Sword
      • Four Corners, Four Directions Tai Chi Sword
      • Tai Chi Saber*
      • Partner Tai Chi
    • Chi Gung

  • Mixed Forms
    • Hsing Yi
      • Five Elements
      • Twelve Animals
      • Five Elements Linking Forms
    • Hsing Yi Sword
      • Five Elements
      • Five Elements Linking Form

    *Saber == Dao, aka Broadsword, aka Knife (really big knife)