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I am currently conducting private lessons as well as leading group classes in Tai Chi at The Spa At Silverado.

A few words on my background and the people with whom I've practiced:

I have spent over ten years studying with Sifu Michelle Dwyer in addition to one and a half years at Jing Mo San Francisco.

I have also assisted in teaching in my Sifu's Napa Valley Tai Chi Club which meets on Salvador Avenue in the Covenant Presbeterian Church multipurpose room, a class I highly recommend.

My Sifu Michelle Dwyer also leads the Silver Cloud school in Berkeley, which meets at six in the evening Mondays and Wednesdays.You'll meet some good people there and get a workout that's as hard or as gentle as you like.

If you already have some Fu and don't mind commuting to get some more
check out the Jing Mo San Francisco Chinese Athletic Society.
One of Sifu's Sifus: Master Wong Jack Man, has recently retired, and this class was his.